How to Edit and Delete Products

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Managing products on the Bumpa app is quite easy. This article covers the following;

  1. How to edit products
  2. How to unpublish products
  3. How to increase product stock
  4. How to delete products

PART A:  How to Edit Products

  • Click on Products

  • Click on the product you want to edit

  • Click on edit at the top right corner

  • Or simply click on the 3 dots by the side of the product on the product page

  • Then click on edit

  • Make your changes and Save

If you have any issues managing products, kindly reach out to support via the app or end an email to [email protected]

PART B: How to Update Product Quantity

You can easily restock products and add them to your inventory. 

  • Click on the product of interest, then click on add

  • Select the variation to increase, the quantity, and your reason for adding more products and save.

Quick tip# You can follow the above steps to remove product quantity as well

PART C: How to Unpublish Products

Bumpa's "Unpublish" feature provides a strategic advantage for managing products on your website. By utilizing this feature, you can effectively remove a product from the website while retaining it in the app's inventory. 

This offers flexibility in handling items that may be temporarily out of stock, undergoing updates, or not ready for public view. Unpublishing prevents customers from making purchases of unavailable items, maintaining a seamless shopping experience.

  • Or simply click on the 3 dots by the side of the product on the product page.
  • Click on unpublish product

Unpublish  removes the product from the website but still on the app, you can easily publish products after restocking. Clicking on share allows you share the product link directly which leads to the product page on your website.

PART D: How to Delete  Products

  • On the product page, simply click on the 3 dots by the side of the product, then click on delete

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