Payment Remittance

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When a customer makes a payment through the website using Paystack, the payment goes to Bumpa first and is then remitted to your account within 24 hours. To know if payment has been received, the payment status of the order on the app will change to "paid". 

Payments yet to be remitted to your account is referred to as Pending settlement. 

Transactions and Settlements

You can access your daily transaction and settlement information through the app. Transactions are categorized by date and display customer and order details. Additionally, the app provides a list of settled or remitted transactions, revealing the specific orders that make up each transaction.

Settlement details include the remittance date, time, amount, and destination account. By reviewing this information, you can gain insights into the daily remittance totals and the corresponding orders contributing to these remittances. This feature enhances transparency by allowing you to precisely track the remitted orders.

To see your transactions on the app;

  • Click on More 

  • Click on Transactions to see pending settlement which is payment yet to be made into your account by Bumpa.

  • Click on Transactions to see your daily transaction history
  • Click on one transaction to see the details and also view the order linked to the transaction


NOTE: There is a 1.5% Transaction charge which is deducted from the payment before it is remitted to you.
  • Click on Settlements to see payments that have been remitted to your account.

  • Click on each remittance to see the list of orders that make up the remittance.

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