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We've implemented a new feature called "Payment Confirms Order." This means that when a customer places an order on your website, or when an order is created by the merchant with an unpaid status, the order will only be confirmed and the items will be deducted from your inventory once payment is made and the payment status is updated to paid. This ensures that you no longer have to worry about deleting or cancelling unpaid orders, or dealing with inaccurate stock levels that could result in customers seeing "sold out" messages for items held in stock awaiting payment.

However, in rare cases where multiple customers try to purchase the same limited-stock item at the same time, the system prioritizes orders on a first-come, first-served basis. If the orders placed exceed available stock, it will be flagged as "Attention." 

This allows you the  “Merchant”  review the order, contact the customer, and decide on the best course of action, like refunding the excess itemrefunding the entire order, or fulfilling the order.

Attention Status:

If the orders placed exceed the available stock, they will be flagged as "Attention”

To view orders that require your attention:

  1. Go to your dashboard, where you will see a notification listing the number of orders that need attention. This will help you prioritize these orders.

  2. To view the list of orders requiring attention, click on the Attention button to see the entire list.

Resolving Attention Orders:

3. Once you click on the “Attention” button, the list of orders will be displayed as shown below.

4. To view the specific details of the order, you can either click on the order (as shown in Step 4) or search for the order using the order number (as shown in Step 5).

Refunding Excess Order Items:

6. Once you click on the specific order, the Order details page will be displayed. You can refund only items above what you have in stock. (e.g. if the customer purchases 3 items but only has 2 in stock, you can easily refund the extra one)

Refunding Entire Order:

7. This allows the merchant to refund the entire order. This option is useful if fulfilling only part of the order is unacceptable to the customer. This will mark the order as “unpaid” and return available products to inventory and deduct the amount from “Total Sales”.

Fulfilling Order:

8. If you, the merchant, can fulfil the order, click on the "Fulfill Order" button (as shown in step 8). This will update the products with the exact inventory for the order. There's no need to manually adjust the product quantity—the system will automatically update the inventory for you.

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